Τετάρτη 8 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

Dark is Wack

How are you my super crazy fans?
I don't really care, i have other stuff to worry about right now.
So this week i went to a restaurant to get served, i wasn't really hungry i just like to see people
serving me stuff, it makes me feel important and be thankful that i don't have a poor
father and a job. So i went in and i said to a woman "go on, serve me", then
the waitress said to me "are you stupid?" and i said "lol". 
I think she must like me a lot to ask me a question so personal!!1!
Sorry ladies but i don't date working class girls 
because they don't understand me!!! ;)
Then i went outside and saw that the sun is shinning a lot lately 
so there's a lot of light and i asked myself "does the dark matter anymore?"
 and then i went back home to think about it and i darked out!! 
Its so hard to think nowadays with all those immigrants 
coming here and take our thoughts...
Then i listened to some dark metal to understand it better and i didn't really get 
it but i don't care 'cause i get a lot of compliments everyday!!!LOL. 
Anyway i think that the dark is the most beautiful colour if you're 
empty inside and since i had a really nice poop this morning 
i chose a dark outfit to match my intestines. 

So what to wear after a really nice poop?
This is by far my favourite outfit!!
Check it out:
For pants i wear space trousers, 
the top is a virgin-kneaded space sweater to keep my sweat from running down my virgin parts,
the shoes are not visible in the pictures

5+5=10 i'm not only handsome ;)

did you know that space is not only a key on the iphone but also a place??

Here is a pic of me as a cute puppy! i see why these pictures are so hot right now!! you see it too right?

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I hope you've learned something 
about male fashion today!
Please like me.

T. Mpougkis

Τρίτη 29 Μαρτίου 2016

Music and Looks

I'm back after a year of being away because i've been really busy doing 
awesome stuff like looking elegant. 
The last few months i started my new career as a grab player
I really like it and i'm getting good at it really fast, as my teacher 
tells me "you grab it really fast"!!1
lol you see what i did there? 
i did a joke. 
I like all jokes except from the ones that i don't like
I choose where to laugh and where not to because i'm a free spirit. 
So when i play grab, my spirit feels free and my neighbours feel 
jealous so i play them my new song and then i can hear noises from their 
shoes on the floor which means they're dancing. They're still jealous though!! 
I'm sure i'm the most popular guy around 
here, mostly because i have a lot of facebook friends and 
super nice clothes.

So what to wear while playing music?
It's easy, for me at least...
This is one of my favourite outfits of all time.
For pants i wear my legs to help my spirit hang free,
the top is a one of a kind leather jacket that expresses my love of dead animals, 
the t-shirt is a white one like Kanye West's but not from china,
for shoes i wear socks because it rhymes with cocks
and the sunglasses are my "ray charles" ones but instead of hiding my eyes from the light,
 they hide the light from my eyes.

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#musicandlooks #freespirit #grabplayer #yanni  

Photo credits to my teacher for this one!!1!! Thank you for the support!!

Hold your horses ladies, i aint gonna have sex with them!!1!! lol

I fell in love with me twice with this one ;)

I hope you find my post beautiful 
like my mother did!!
see you soon
T. Mpougkis

Δευτέρα 19 Ιανουαρίου 2015

Soul Style!

Hello my dear fans!! 
I've been away for a long time for a really important reason, 
and a really non important one.

Important reason:
I was thinking that on the outside i'm perfect but what is going on inside me? 
Hungry and also perfect, that's what i said too!! I needed to search inside
me for the answers though. So i travelled the world to find the right people and 
pay them to tell me what i needed to hear. I went to Thailand to start my journey to 
enlightenment. I was thinking "what's the best way to get to know asians and their culture?" 
By meeting the youth, the future! Meeting all these girls and chatting with them
made me think that i'm a really good looking guy which is true. Then i gave them money 
and all of them wanted to have sex with me. What i learned from that? Helping people pays back right away! They call it "Karma", we greeks call it "Filotimo".
After Thailand i travelled straight back to Greece, 
i was a different person already 
and i had to tell my friends. 
What i really learned from this ending journey to the light is that if you look good
on the outside, there is no way that you are going to look bad on the inside. 
Greeks say "if you wear a suit, cops will not search you for weed" that's because 
cops are trained to recognise good and bad people.

Non important reason:
I got a playstation 4 for christmas.

So for this trip i chose my favourite outfit.
A green shirt with squares that symbolise my way of thinking,
a nice pair of expensive jeans to symbolise my western education,
a pair of stylish sunglasses to symbolise me as a non weed smoker, 
and a pair of super black shoes to symbolise my penis 
(they say that shoes must match with the belt).

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rugs can be clothes to non illegal immigrants too!

having your eyes closed when you talk makes you smarter

meditating is easy!


I hope you got really inspired from my journey.
I got really inspired from my journey.
People get inspired from my journey all the time.
These are some examples of how to use the words "inspire" and "journey" 
in the same sentence which i learned there.

warning: all my tips work only if you have lots of money.

T. Mpougkis

Δευτέρα 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Old Fashioned

Hey fashion addicts! Did you miss me? Did you miss me more 
than you missed your grandparents? If your answer is yes then
you are a positive person. I did the facebook test to see
what kind of person i am. Apparently i got fashion blogger which is totally true! It was an one
question test. The question was "are you afraid of death?" the answers were A.yes, B.no 
and C.i'm only afraid of capri pants. Guess my answer on a comment bellow!!!11!
So this week i was totally busy thinking about old people (or "odd people").
Are they really useful to us? YES they are. Why?
Because they have style. 
The timeless all-black for women and the unique i-would-wear-anything attitude for men, makes the old people fashion icons. The problem is that young people don't understand them. 
So i visited an old motorbike to get to know them better.
We had a really nice conversation and i learned a lot. I learned that old people don't like salt, that all of them use the same perfume and that they drive slow only when they're stoned.
We're not that different after all!! I don't like salt either!

In the photo below you can see me wearing clothes and the motorbike 
posing together after the interview.
Zaketa: made from dead ugg boots
Shirt: with stripes and a chubby belly underneath
Pants: a pair of

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#or #aguy_onlsd? 

Vintage or really poor?

The "used to touch feet" zaketa on top of the super tight shirt. 

My penis is always right.

My face is always cute! lolol!!!!1!

thank you for your thousands of comments everyday!!!
without you i would be a fashion blogger without fans!!
its like a pigeon without the ability to poo on people.


Κυριακή 7 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Hunting For Style

Hello fashion fans! I'm super sorry for the delay but i had a really long weekend
it was like 48 hours and it just finished. 
I know that you've been checking all the time for a new fashion tip and some of you died too.
Actually everyday some people die, so i was wondering... 
AIDS would not have been a problem if we all get it!
Enough with my silly gibberish!!!lol!!!1! Lets go "straight" to fashion.
Today me and my beloved 5th dog "Chanel No5" went on for
a trip! We went hunting for super awesome new
cute pictures with clothes on me.
In this outfit we see a perfect hoodie with round dots, a t-shirt with
an elephant, a stylish pair of jeans and two shoes in the colour of cthulu's-soul-black which are
the confiest shoes I've ever looked at! The one thing that actually make this outfit
unique is my dling dling. Dling dling means that i use my dog as jewellery and not as a pet.
Isn't that amazing? I'm telling you that it is. I don't have to pick up his poo poo
anymore, he's my dling dling, who cares? He's not actually dog anymore.
Dling dling ;) you know what i mean!
I mean dling dling!

So lets take a look at my pics of me by my new photographer

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#hemustbeadirtymind #DLINGDLING #dlingdling
#2xdling #fashionformen #fashionforten

guns and dling dling baby!!
from top to bottom my 
"the opposite of urban hunter"
Hoodie: dots and pockets (is the new gin 'n juice)
T-shirt: 6atorl iovement - the elephant
Pants: jeans with iPhone protuberance built-in
Shoes: when death dies these shoes take his soul
Accessories: pointer (pointing at my wealthiness and kindness)

a close up of "Chanel No5" looking at his freedom

the gun to kill animals that I'm allowed to

there's another picture of me looking good

paws n shoes on mud! ewwwww!!!!!!!lololol!!!11!!

there is no tip for that look.
i was born with it

hope my words were helpful to you
and next time you go hunting
you'll look sparkly handsome!!

Πέμπτη 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Rise and shine!

Its super early and i woke up like "I'm going to do everything today" but I most certainly won't. i know that because i did nothing the previous days too, except from creating this perfect man-helper blog :) ;)
In the morning I'm grumpy and i really want to drink coffee. If i don't drink coffee I'm grumpy
So i wake up, i drink coffee and smoke some cigarettes and i feel nice for as long i don't have cancer. Im not afraid of illnesses because i ran a marathon once and i posted it on instagram. 
And also i lie a lot, that's a nice thing to make your heart pumping! 
So what to wear this morning watching the beloved stylish Popi on the TV?
I definitely went for the "confie but clashy" style. You never know what is going to happen, 
i've seen a lot of hot couriers and gypsies knocking doors lately ;)
The pants are really vintage. Actually they are 2 years old but i wear them everyday so now they look like 30 years old ;) (that's a tip)
The t shirt is my favourite yellow one and it says surfing on it 
and since surfing became cool i loved this one instead of my snowboard one.
You got to keep up with fashion! Never do what you like, 
always do what the majority of people like! (tip#2) 
Its like some of us folks, we like fat girls but we date thin ones just because our friends 
don't like fat ladies and they make fun of us and our cow-looking lovers but always behind our back, don't forget our Greek heritage! 
There is also a picture of my fabulous all natural makeup. I only use body 
fluids and sleep for this fantastic cute look!

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the outfit! its one of my favourites.
from top to bottom:
hat: any - baldness hider
T-shirt: yellow with the word "surfing" on it
the thing on top of t-shirt: black with white stripes 
(i have it in white with black stripes too!)
   pants: vintage look brown-used-to-be-beige
shoes: they're not shoes they're sandals. SANUK

 Only 2 minutes off of bed and i look so alive!! thanks to 
the all natural products i use for making up the 
errors of nature!

Even if you don't surf just say you do. everybody thinks its cool and
its not easy to know the truth! 
And remember lying is good for your heart!

A detailed photo of where a watch should be instead of hair!
(watch sponsors please msg me. i do not reply to hair sponsors though)

thank you for you love and your thousands of 
mails and comments. you and my fathers money is what
keeps me going!

Τρίτη 2 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Dinner's Ready!

Tonight is a very special night because in the morning when i woke up i was breathing and felt so lucky to be alive so I'm going to cook dinner for my roommates. Its also because i don't work and pay rent! lol :)
The menu has it all! for starter i eat half a loaf of bread filled with gorgonzola and salami of the air and when my roommates come back from work the dinner starts with my famous "from bag to bowl" salad with salt and for main course salmon with truffle linguini and coconut sauce. yum!!1! can't wait :p 
So what to wear with this fantastic dinner? In the next pictures you can see the style for tonight. Don't hesitate to try it on yourselves. My pant size is 32 when I'm 5 kilos less, the shirt is a large that feels like medium on me, the hat is size supersmart  and shoes are size 11 and items 2. msg me on inbox for address! 

Hope you find my blog as useful and stylish as Kim Kardashian 
and have a happy evening as my self!

please use my hashtags
#fashionbrogger #tsft #tsftmeansthestylefortonight #aboutthisnight 
#mensfashion #food #eat #yes #no #kimkardashian

salt, the essence of salty food! yum!! 

shirt: vans hula girl with yioukalili (1.800$ on sale...)
pants: vans not the dirty one (70$)
hat: no, hood
tonight's outfit looks great when having your mouth open, its a dinner outfit after all...

tasty food, cute face

tomatoes make me happy, i sing pharell's song to them a lot!! lol

coconut milk is my favourite white liquid! what's yours? comment below.

salmon pink! perfect match with my tongue!!

thank you all for your comments and love!!!
see ya next time xoxo